RDI Policy

We recognize Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) as a potential factor for competitiveness and sustainability.

It is top management intention to develop innovative processes, products and services within the scope of glass molds, as well as marketing or organizational methods. Thereby, it assumes the commitment to carry out, 

- To value the knowledge resulting from the effective management of the company's interfaces with its surroundings, namely, Customers, Suppliers and Knowledge Centers;

- Valuing the knowledge resulting from the creativity of its employees;

- To make available the necessary resources for the development of actions resulting from the RDI goals;

- Expect the RDI actions to have financial compensation, in order to minimize the impact of the investment, that most of the time has no guaranteed return;

- Search for the technical-economic optimization of all processes, products, innovative services, marketing or organizational methods, under study or development, aiming at increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of the group's companies.

The RDI Management System is maintained, organized, documented, managed, audited, revised and continuously improved in accordance with Portuguese Standard NP 4457:2007.